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My photography is not: the Act of creation.
      For the world was.
      {  long  before  I  }
It is   a vision—a hope—
        an essence... (whatever that means)
It is exploring:the world
    light;texture;color; and their absence.
It is the Movement of Lines.
        It is     FILM ,    It is     1s & 0s
It is bending objects—and the environment—to the task.
It is ringing out the saturation
    ...until your EYES BLEED.
It is about trying something.
It is failure    —    AND success.
It is hack&slash(shooting-from-the-hip)
It is      p  r  e  c  i  s  i  o  n  .
    Most of all; {  IT IS  }

I’m a “fine art” photographer currently in the San Francisco Bay Area. My work focuses on abstract and landscape photography in which I employ both in-camera and post production techniques in the study of color, texture and lines. I use both film and digital in my work.

I am as interested in the process and the tools as much as the subject of the image. I’m inspired by alternative and “forgotten” methods and homemade equipment. I love when the methods give me the feel of digging in the dirt — I use Holga, pinhole, LensBaby, other modifications and alternative developing and processing techniques.

  • Canon 5D
  • Canon Film
  • Holga 120N
  • 8x10 pinhole

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